ArcadiaDesign Studio

Wood Artistry, Visionary Art, and Electromagnetic Teachings by Daniel Strawn

“At Arcadia Design, traditional craft and creative design come together with compelling mastery. The result? Original artwork disguised as functional furniture.”

Since 1990, we have worked with a discerning private cliental, the University of Denver, Religious art in Churches and Synagogues, as well as Art galleries in Denver, Boulder and Santé Fe.

Arcadia Design Studio has focused on creating uniquely designed, hand crafted furniture made to last. We seek to nurture everyday life by producing non-disposable, original, “antique quality” furniture thus contributing to the enhancement of human ecologies for many generations.

We promote awareness of resource conservation, use of non toxic finishing materials, the education of our craft and support to fellow craftsmen.

By making use of reclaimed resources and local talent, Arcadia Design Studio has become a high-quality, responsibly crafted, go to resource for Architects, Designers and private clients in the region of the Colorado Front Range.

Arcadia Design Studio strives to stretch its genius. Genius is the ability to focus one’s range of references, abilities, perceptions; and to integrate these things into the creative process.

Who We Are

Arcadia Design has developed from a core family of Artisans who are dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship and inspired design. We believe beautiful and creative form can integrate with the functional use of furniture, to fit the unique needs of each client.

We have developed and manufactured furniture lines for a range of settings including homes, business, churches and institutions. For example, as part of the extensive remodeling of the University of Denver campus, Arcadia Design worked closely with University Architects, the Chancellor, and Deans to create lines of furniture for each new and remodeled building.


Daniel StrawnDesign Director and Artisan in Wood Extraordinaire

Being raised in a family of painters and sculptors, Daniel’s artistic eye was developed at an early age. After his education at University of Denver with a BFA in sculpture and 18 years antique restoration, Daniel has focused on design in the medium of hand crafted, wood furniture for the past 15 years. A life training and exposure to the arts has provided him with a broad palette of design tools as well as an expertise in furniture construction rare in our modern world. Daniel’s one of kind art furniture can be found in galleries and private collections.


Karen StrawnFine Metal smith and Business Muse

Karen has had a life long interest in creating adornment for people and environments using natural materials. She started out as a copper/silver/goldsmith, crafting unique jewelry that has been shown and sold around the country. She later joined creative forces with Daniel to develop Arcadia Design, focusing on repoussé copper detailing. Her collaboration with other artisans in the company has been an exploration of the dynamic dance of patterns and color found in wood/metal combinations. She is currently playing with metal patinas, large sheet copper, and found object jewelry.


Jason HicksFurniture Craftsman and Bluegrass Musician

Jason grew up surrounded by traditional crafts and workmanship. Using traditional woodworking tools, his father built early American and Shaker style furniture while his mother is a talented quilter and avid student of early American craft. With a formal education in music from Webster University in St Louis, Missouri, Jason is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist. He is currently a member of the Blue Canyon Boys, a Colorado based bluegrass group. Jason started with Arcadia Design as an apprentice and continues to explore and refine his love of woodworking.


We are very grateful to have worked with Daniel Strawn who made furniture for our chapel. His work has greatly enriched our worship space. The planning process went very smoothly. It was marked by good communication and an understanding of our needs. The outcome of his craftsmanship is outstanding in its quality and uniqueness. The people who enter our chapel have been deeply moved by his work. This furniture has enhanced an environment of worship and serenity.

Liena Apsukrapsa

Chaplain, Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center

I’ve worked with Daniel for approximately five years on various projects at the University of Denver. His work is consistently creative, responsive to the environment and built for longevity. His unique use of materials and superb craftsmanship translate his work into art forms.

Julie Goodhue

ASID, Bethune/Goodhue & Associates, Inc.

Daniel’s work speaks for itself. He has conceptual and structural ability. Twenty-five years of woodworking, furniture design, and antique restoration has added [to his] understanding of the longevity of structure and finish rarely found in the Artist/Craftsman.

Cab Childress


Recommendations for keeping your furniture beautiful

Although no finish is indestructible, with regular care a quality product will bring you many years of enjoyment. We recommend dusting with a clean, soft, dry, lint free cloth. Clean the surface by rubbing in the direction of the grain. Use a solution of mild soap and water to clean up spills by blotting rather than wiping as quickly as possible. Never use industrial strength cleanser on your furniture, as it will rapidly strip the finish.

To brighten up the finish on your furniture from Arcadia Design, we recommend applying a light coat of walnut oil and rubbing it gently along the grain of the wood. The walnut oil will take approximately 12 hours to dry and set. Avoid silicone and waxes because they will build up and cause a grimy film.

Other recommendations  

  • Avoid direct sun light as it may cause your furniture surface to fade.
  • Avoid placing plastic or rubber materials directly on your furniture (such as footing on lamps, phones, computers, etc.) as they may discolor or damage finish. For example, we recommend using felt pads under the lamp to protect the wood below it.
  • Avoid placing cups or dishes directly on the wood’s surface. Use drink coasters or place mats to protect the surface.
  • Occasionally change the placement of accessories on the furniture. Aside from fading, sun exposure can deepen the colors of certain woods, resulting in light spots under items that are left too long in one place.
  • Use a protected pad when writing with a ballpoint pen to avoid causing indentations in the wood surface.
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